What is 100 Luggage?

Imagine yourself smiling from ear to ear as you step off the plane into the sun! Imagine that your smile is suddenly erased by a ball in the stomach!
Your suitcase is not on the carpet?

Imagine yourself in your hammock in Fiji thinking about the tree climbing session that awaits you in the afternoon. Imagine yourself 5 meters below the tree thinking "how much will this cost me besides the pain?"

100Bagages is the one that says Relax !

Our values

Concerned to solve
your problem as well as possible, we are
always listening to your needs.

Trust us!
The relationship of trust
is more than primordial
to succeed in solving
the problem.

Armelle FEUMBA

Knowing you happy
to have recovered your
suitcase or to be well insured
thanks to us, it is what
we look for.

She is Armelle?
An eternal young woman in her prime. Very procedural because she studied law. Very rigorous, because she studied logistics and purchasing.
What she likes is finding solutions to problems by exploring all possibilities.
That's what 100bagages is all about. The playground to find solutions when you are in trouble far from home.

The rest of the team

Alone, we go faster. With others, we go further!

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